Phakic Lens Implants (ICL)

For the correction of high near- and farsightedness

Phakic Lenses at a Glance
  • A phakic lens is an additional synthetic lens that is implanted into the eye to correct the existing refractive error.
  • Phakic lenses are used to correct moderate and severe refractive errors, such as nearsightedness from ca. -6 to -23 dpt and farsightedness from ca. +3 to + 12 dpt.
  • In combination with a Femto-LASIK, severe refractive errors and an accompanying astigmatism can be corrected as well
  • Phakic lenses are implanted in addition to the natural lens.
  • Phakic intraocular lens implants are known for the high potential of exact predictability, the reproducibility of the surgical success and the reversibility of the procedure.
  • By implanting a phakic lens, the center of the cornea remains untouched and the anatomy of the eye is not modified.
Dr Jørgensen explains: How ICL can correct mypopia
Course of the procedure
Who is a candidate for a phakic lens implant?
Is an enhancement procedure possible?
Which problems can occur with synthetic lenses?
What can you do to see well with phakic lenses?
Treatment costs
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