Cost of Treatment

For exams and procedures at FreeVis

The table shows cost of treatment for patients with compulsory health insurance (Germany). Costs for privately insured patients are slightly higher but may be reimbursed by private health insurance. Please check with your provider.

Exam and consultation Both eyes
The detailed exam (of both eyes) and individual consultation to determine which procedure is most suitable for you cost approx. 355,- Euro.
For those patients who are not reimbursed by their private health insurance, we offer the exam for the fixed price of 255 Euro.
We also offer appointments on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, for which the same rules / cost apply.

Eye laser proceduresOne eyeBoth eyes
SMILE2.950 Euro4.550 Euro
Femto-LASIK2.950 Euro4.550 Euro
SmartSurf (PRK)2.550 Euro3.950 Euro

Lens procedures with lens implantsOne eyeBoth eyes
Laser lens exchange4.250 Euro6.950 Euro
Laser lens exchange with multifocal lens implant4.250 Euro6.950 Euro
Phakic IOL (ICL) *3.450 Euro
4.950 Euro
* Additional costs for phakic lens (ICL)

- myopia over -6.5 dpt with astigmatism
+ 500 Euro
+ 1.000 Euro
- hyperopia over +3 dpt with astigmatism
+ 900 Euro
+ 1.800 Euro

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