Laser Lens Exchange

Precision surgery with the femtosecond laser

The Laser Lens Exchange at a Glance
  • During this procedure, the eye's own natural lens is removed and replaced with a synthetic lens.
  • A lens exchange is used for correction of :
    » nearsightedness from -8 dpt.
    » farsightedness from +4 dpt.
    » astigmatism (with so-called toric lenses)
    » astigmatism (with multifocal lenses)
  • The femtosecondlaser assisted lens exchange is known for the high potential of exact predictability, the reproducibility of the surgical success and the reversibility of the procedure.
  • The lens exchange always results in a loss of accommodation so that reading glasses are usually needed.
  • A multifocal lens can provide relief for presbyopia at well as for nearsightedness or farsightedness.
How does the surgery work?
Typical course of surgery and postoperative recovery
Which problems can occur during or after surgery?
What can you do to see well with intraocular lenses?
Treatment costs
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