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Prof. Dr. Michael Knorz - TOP Mediziner 2024

Repeated recognition for Prof. Michael Knorz

For many years, Prof. Dr. Michael Knorz has been listed as a top expert in refractive surgery and cataract in the annual prestigious "Top 100" lists published by FOCUS and STERN. The annual evaluations includes for instance surveys from medical associations, scientific publications, as well as recommendations from patient associations and medical colleagues. » More...

Dr Jørgensen explains how ICL can correct mypopia

Dr Jørgensen, founder of the EuroEyes Group, has implanted more ICL than any other surgeon in Europe. In the following video, he explains how this procedure can correct higher mypopia that cannot be treated with eye laser surgery.
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Prof. Dr. Knorz and FreeVis Mannheim as new part of EuroEyes

The 2020 EuroEyes Medical Advisory Board

As of August 2023, the FreeVis LASIK Center Mannheim under the leadership of Professor Dr. Michael C. Knorz will become part of the EuroEyes Group. Professor Knorz will remain in his current role as Managing Director and Medical Director of the FreeVis LASIK Center Mannheim. In addition, Professor Knorz will join the EuroEyes Executive Board as Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Prof. Knorz has already been working for EuroEyes as Consulting Surgeon in China since 2014 and as Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs (International) since 2019.
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» EuroEyes Germany
» EuroEyes International

Minimal invasive eye laser surgery

The SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) eye laser method is an innovative procedure in refractive laser surgery. SMILE is considered an ideal eye laser treatment for nearsighted patients who wish to forgo glasses and contact lenses in the long term. » More...

SmartSurf: Contactless eye laser treatment

SmartSurf is a non-invasive eye laser procedure suitable for patients with thin corneas: The refractive error is corrected with the excimer laser in one step – without a blade, without suctioning the eye, and without an incision in the cornea. » More...

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