Monovision LASIK

For the correction of pesbyopia

Monovision at a Glance
  • Monovision LASIK is a unique LASIK procedure that corrects the dominant eye for distance vision, while correcting the other eye for near vision.
  • The need for bifocals or reading glasses is reduced or eliminated.
  • For patients with perfect distant vision without glasses or contacts, only the non-dominant eye needs to be treated.
  • Typically, the brain easily adapts and compensates for the two different levels of correction.
  • Before undergoing surgery, we recommend a monovision test trial using contact lenses to determine if any problems occur.
The procedure

At FreeVis, we perform Monovision LASIK as an individual Femto-LASIK procedure:

The femtosecond laser is used for the initial part of the LASIK surgery when the corneal flap is prepared. The surgeon then switches to an excimer laser to achieve the cornea ablation and correct the visual disorder.

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Special considerations
Treatment costs
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